Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 14, 2016

Kira is perfection. She has that kidnapped college girl demeanor that enhances her genuineness. Physically, she is flawless - every inch a natural beauty with no processed boobs, no piercings and no disfiguring tattoos. Her "arrow" is both a cute yet erotic example of neatly trimmed bush; a very useful targeting aid for cock and dildo. She moans and cries out like a girl experiencing her violation for the first time. It's no mean feat to sound authentic here. She obviously enjoys the fantasy of being totally helpless. I have never seen a body in suspension so beautifully arched - my favorite position. Kira was totally vulnerable in this and every position she endured. She made the most of it. Seeing her beautiful mouth either hand-clamped or invaded by probing fingers was a super turn-on. Seeing the drool drift floor-ward from her gaping mouth while suspended was a premium moment. To use one of her favorite expressions, she is the very incarnation of a good girl. Also a sweet girl, a nice girl. Be very good to her, for Kira is a treasure. This beauty has a golden future in the Kingdom. I will eagerly anticipate her next appearance in Hogtied, Sex and Submission or Whipped Ass or any other Kink site where she is a violated innocent.

May 1, 2016

I always like a shoot with a storyline. Some have complained about this one, but I think it suits the purpose of erotic tension very well. I just adore Casey Calvert. Not only is she delightful eye candy and a natural beauty, her baby-doll voice is a turn on, too. I think her performance here is right on. She comes off so prim and proper in this shoot - all the more enjoyable as she is forcibly stripped of her demure clothing. Her killer high heels make a nice, yet believable counterpoint to her skirt and blouse. I got a kick out of her trying to bargain her way out of her predicament. Seeing her head hang over the table as she is fucked in the mouth causes major trouser tension, especially when the cum slides out of her gaping mouth and drips over her eyeglasses. Xander Corvus really brings energy to his role. The fact that he is strapped down to the table as the shoot begins can strain credulity, but it serves the purpose of witnessing a power exchange. The plot line of a patient overpowering a nurse or a doctor and subjecting them to sexual humiliation is not new, but it is well carried out here. One of the classics with which it compares well is the psychiatric hospital scene in Brain De Palma's "Dressed to Kill". I appreciate the camera work in this shoot. The cameraperson was always moving in a fluid way to ensure maximum exposure of the most important part of the action. Great work there!

Sex And Submission
Apr 29, 2016

A powerful story of corrupted innocence. Pepper is a natural for this little story. I loved Veruca's initial approach to Pepper, forcing her back onto the counter, playing with her. I would have liked to see Veruca slowly and seductively strip sweet Pepper of each item of her clothes and those killer pumps she wore before they got it on. I'm sure Pepper could have contributed a genuine fear of being discovered at any minute during such a sequence. She has the delightful face for such expression. Her every reaction to what Veruca was doing to her looked genuine. There are are few comparisons to seeing a newbie getting seduced on screen for the first time. The emotions in such a scenario can't be faked. The contrast between dominant Veruca and Pepper, her prey, is superb! Getting it on in a bathroom at work always has the potential for a strong scenario. The only problem are the bad acoustics. A few strategically placed mikes would have made some the more intimate dialogue a little more comprehensible. Veruca displayed just the right amount of velvet voraciousness to keep Pepper in her thrall. I, too, would welcome a sequel in which Veruca lures Pepper to what is supposed to be an intimate post-work rendezvous, only to have Pepper shocked to see some of Veruca's friends show up. I would relish seeing them tease her, then forcefully strip Pepper of her office attire in a scene of spiraling lust, culminating in more great anal and cunt-drilling and moaning, with Pepper's baby face forced into the folds of several eager vaginas. A final footnote: what made the whole story work was Pepper's clean body, marked only by a relatively small plaid tattoo. If she had been more decorated like a carnival side-show with an array of gross, oversized tats, it would have destroyed the story's credibility. I loved seeing the camera linger over her absolutely perfectly shaped little butt, with her hairless cunt peeking through the gap between her legs. Can't wait to see more of Pepper!

Whipped Ass
Apr 11, 2016

Nikki is the face of carnal blonde innocence. Those baby soft lips, those dreamy ice-gray eyes, her perfectly proportioned body, her struggles - all made for an intense experience. In the realm of continuity, though, there was no logic to her having lost her blouse and bra, yet retain her jacket before she was out of the trunk. One of the pleasures of Sex and Submission is seeing a beautiful woman forced out of her clothes. Nikki started out with a prim yet sexy outfit from head to toe. I would have loved to see Mr. Pete strip her of every detail. It was equally illogical, yet visually delightful to see Nikki propped up in those infernal metal pipes wearing nothing but a pair of killer patent leather pumps heretofore unseen. That device really presented her perky ass and orifices to perfection. Apart from the visual lapses, Nikki and Mr. Pete were very convincing. It's a pleasure to see adult video performers who can actually act. The production values once again show why Kink is the leading a.v. site on the web. A big thank you for restoring time-saving zip files for the photos.

Sex And Submission
Mar 5, 2016

To se a vixen like Veruca seduce and devour angel-faced Christie is a delight. I never tire of seeing Christie being stripped , fondled and fucked. Veruca is the perfect fox-eyed brunette with a voracious desire to deflower Christie. I agree with Veruca: the sounds Christie makes as she is teased, probed and penetrated are the cherry on the pussy.

Whipped Ass
Feb 22, 2016

I really enjoyed seeing Juliette March in such a helplessly erotic position: her costume, her glossy black mask, the matching pumps. Although Veruca was supposedly the center of attention, I kept looking at Juliette. She was completely objectified, there to be used, to offer her body without question. Even when all one could see of Juliette was a close-up of her unzipped cunt, the difference between the sleek semi sheer latex and the tender pink nakedness of her shaved quim was awesome. The same held true of her face, reduced to expressive eyes and pouting lips beneath the gleaming black hood. The seams of the catsuit delineated her sleek, tiny body beautifully. The swiveling table upon which she was displayed was put to very good use. The well-hung, masterful Ramon Nomar was able to totally fuck her in that position – a tribute to his athleticism. Kudos to all involved!

The Training Of O
Feb 2, 2016

That face, that face, that fabulous face! What could match it? That fabulous body with those magnificent globes. Her initial reactions to the Pope's touch are priceless. To my joy, the reactions never ceased. Seeing this copper-haired angel arched over on her back with the camera lovingly recording her every expression of shock and surprise transported me to erotic nirvana. I could tell that Britney's experience was genuine. She was truly uncertain and apprehensive of what was in store for her. The Pope certainly knew how to draw arousal from her quivering body. Oiling her up made every facet of her spectacular breasts and loins glisten. That said, I would have appreciated a little editing to that long introduction to the action. The Pope went on for ten minutes, often repeating the conditions and rules of engagement. I appreciate Kink's concerns for the well-being of the models, but this time the intro lasted way too long. Some have bemoaned the lack of foot torture in this shoot, but, frankly, I didn't miss it a bit. I'm glad Britney did not want a blindfold - it would have interfered with the sight of her reactions in her oh-so-beautiful eyes.

Device Bondage
Jan 13, 2016

Cherie is the embodiment of the Southern California housewife next door. This is what makes her so compelling in these shoots. It is the grounds for her being so convincing. She starts off modestly and then really gets in to the action as her growing passions overcome any hesitation. Like it or not, she becomes a slave to uncontrollable desires. In this shoot, I fantasize that she has been lured away from a party at a neighbor's house in Orange County. The Pope is her dark surprise. Cherie is a real golden girl and she has an amazingly toned body. in short, she is a mega MILF. She never disappoints.

Jan 11, 2016

Madelyn Monroe is irresistible candy, from her beautiful face, hair and petite body to her exquisite black and white dress, her discreetly patterned thigh-high stockings, her devastating black and white pumps and her beautifully-fitting bra and garter belt - So much for what she's wearing. The action definitely unfolds as if it is her personal bondage fantasy and not someone else's. Her ravisher is thorough and deliberate, from the way be whips her, invades her cunt, teases her, pulls off her pumps, spreads her out and brings her to repeated orgasm. Some may cavil that this little bondage playlet is a tad vanilla, but it reinforces the theme that it is her fantasy in all its girlish permutations. That is the essence of its eroticism. One can easily imagine encountering Madelyn in her stunning outfit at a party or at the theater or a museum and fantasizing about what turns on someone who so easily turns on others. Well, this is it - our fly-on-the-wall moment. It's delicious, as seeing the ravishment of such irresistible eye candy should be.

Dec 26, 2015

This girl is so beautiful I can't take my eyes off her. She may go by the name of Roxy Raye professionally, but in my imagination she's really Priscilla Vandermere, lured by Aiden away from her debutante ball to the stable at her family's estate, where Aiden introduces her to the horse speculum and the exquisite joys of sexual electro-sex - an innocent voluptuously defiled and deflowered. Aiden is masterful in coaxing every orgasm out of the young blonde beauty. Priscilla's expressions and body contortions are as electric as the shocks to which she's submitted. Her only clothes left to her are the beautiful and expensive black suede pumps on her feet, which are in stark contrast to her utter nakedness. Very nice touch! As usual the Kink camera work, setting and lighting are first-rate. Thanks for such a satisfying fantasy made real.

Electro Sluts
Oct 15, 2015

Kay is a jewel. Her sweetness and sincerity just make me melt. To add to the delight, she has the face (and cherubic qualities) of an angel. Orlando considers himself a master of the psychology of bondage and distress, but his imagination, alas, is sorely lacking in this shoot. The switching with the cat o' nine tails and the "evil little cane", as Kay put it, was done to boring excess. It did make me empathize with Kay's predicament, but it also left me eager for Orlando to move on to something else. One bit of novelty was putting those beautiful but agonizing pumps on Kay's feet. She handled them like a trouper, though, dancing and stomping her way to an orgasm, albeit "unauthorized". Her contortions while dancing were a real turn-on. Kay is so eager to please and learn from each experience. Her commentary while trussed inside that maze of pipes is evidence of this. At times, i thought she must be a hologram. Thank God she is for real.

Device Bondage
Sep 18, 2015

Ella is a golden angel.To hear her called a slut and a whore goes completely against her persona. Maybe the humiliation factor can make this effective in the scene, but it still bothers me to hear her described this way. It would have been cool to hear her protest the verbal abuse, as part of her role-play. Ella gives all of herself to her violation and always delivers a believable performance. She is one of my favorite Kinksters.

Jul 30, 2015

Let's get one thing straight: It is impossible to take a bad picture of Ana Foxxx. She is so beautiful, i pinch myself (for starters) whenever I see this sweet-faced angel with a body straight from Olympus. This shoot is hot from start to finish. Among the standout moments: The anal shots; Maestro's hand violating Ana's mouth as he violently pumps her pussy with his rod. That white cum streaming from her perfect mouth. Ana projects the image of a well-mannered, intelligent innocent. The sweeter she initially behaves, the hotter she gets as she approaches orgasm. The contrast is amazing. Brava, Ana! Bravo, Maestro! I look forward to more from this spectacular beauty: cheerleader, business woman, police officer, reporter, lawyer, real estate agent, co-ed, spy, hostage - the possibilities are endless.

Dungeon Sex
Jul 17, 2015

Alina West. A Star is Born!

Sex And Submission
Jul 12, 2015

Seth is a brutal kidnaper and Alina is a golden princess in pretty pumps. What a combination! Alina is spectacular in the way she reacts to the shock of Seth's assault. I agree that Alina should be allowed to vocalize. She has obviously mapped out her reactions to this scenario and her preparation pays off. It's great fun to hear her defiant words turn to pleas for mercy. To hear those pleas emanate from that angel face heightens the experience. Alina may be new to the biz, but her instincts are right on. I hope she doesn't acquire any more tats to mar her perfect little body. I admire Seth's energy, if not his acting ability. Great shoot from beginning to end!

Sex And Submission