Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 9, 2014

Kelly Divine looked a lot hotter coming than going. The way her butt stuck out of her dress looked just plain silly instead of sexy. I've seen this outfit on other girls in Kink. Some can rock it, but it's not for everyone, unfortunately not for Kelly. That's not to say Kelly isn't a major babe. She just has to rethink that dress. To borrow from the fashionistas - Darling, that dress is so not you! On to matters more substantive: Both Yasmine and Jodi are delectable - Yasmine for her mesmerizing exoticism mingled with perky sweetness and Jodi for her what-is-a-nice-girl-like-you-doing-here looks. Both looked smashing in their high heels and Kelly did a masterful job in rudely divesting the girls of their latex undies. Jodi's reaction to Kelly's palm and Yasmine's tongue was right on the mark. A word about Yasmine and her tongue: if there is a porn Oscar for best tongue action, it should go to Yasmine. The way it twittered, fluttered and flicked around Jodi's exits has to stand as an iconic moment. Yasmine's pearly whites were the perfect frame for it. The triple-play scene between Kelly, Jodi and Yasmine was epic. Kelly's determined efforts to get that stubby clear dildo into Yasmine paid off big time. Yasmine's gasps were proof of that. When it was involuntarily pooted out of Yasmine's butt, her stated to desire to please Kelly was really cute. Jodi's encounter with Kelly's Big Dildo started off a little on the subdued side, but(t) before long, it became apparent that Jodi was being drilled with something a lot bigger than coed-faced Jodi had anticipated. I don't know if Jodi ever had to take in something that big before, but her reaction was delightfully like that of a newbie. Kudos to Kelly for her action on that. Kelly proved to be the definitive domme of the dildo when she slid it into Yasmine's perky butt. Yasmine's reaction was priceless - as if she'd never had this happen to her before. Everyone deserves applause for this shoot, from the on-screen talent to the crew that made it happen. Kink's production values continue to be the industry standard. A minor quibble: Kelly's and Yasmine's nails looked exquisite, but Jodi's looked like the nail color was peeling off. Were those strawberries on her nails? They kinda looked mostly eaten. Some of the reviewers felt this shoot was not up to their standards. Perhaps it looked like same-old, same-old to them. Let's face it - it's all been done before, but quality performances make it fresh. Some bemoaned the lack of a story line. I love a shoot with a story line, that is, a good story line, but this one did just fine without one. My imagination filled in the reason why they were there, doing what they were doing. It has to be a pretty good shoot for me to not miss a story line, but this one delivered. The reason? - actually three reasons: Yasmine, Jodi and Kelly all look like they really enjoy what they're doing. This enables them to give very believable performances. Love these gals!

Everything Butt
Jun 21, 2014

Marie is a stunning goddess. Her bronze body is perfectly proportioned. Even better, she appears to be free of freak-show tattoos. I've seen her elsewhere in the Kinkdom and she's a welcome addition to Whipped Ass. She doesn't hold anything back and lets the orgasms wash over her and send her into sub-space. Those gorgeous white Maryjanes on her feet compliment her color beautifully, as did the black and white dress, for as long as it lasted. After a decent interval of about 30-40 minutes into the shoot, during which I enjoyed thoroughly how Marie thrashed about in them, I would have liked to see Bella slowly and erotically unbuckle those pumps and pull them from Marie's pretty feet. I loved Bella's comment on the genuine wide-eyed surprise on Marie's beautiful face when she withheld the vibrator from her vagina. Marie's expression was priceless. It shows that she has the capacity to look like an innocent encountering a forced orgasm for the first time., i.e. a "good girl" encountering a whole new world of sexual submission. Bella Rossi has an exquisite face and her red hair frames it beautifully. She doesn't need to tart herself up with those tattoos. Her patterned bodystocking had a design that was too complicated for her really sexy black patent pumps. The shoes' straps kept getting lost, visually. Her earrings had the right amount of opulent decadence. I've seen Bella as a sub and she is really earning her stripes, so to speak, as a domme. I hope she treats us to both ends of the spectrum in the future. Bella showed her stuff when she'd find just the right spot on Marie's pussy when the whip landed dread center, eliciting a delightful little-girl yelp of surprise from Marie. Any unexpected move from Bella seemed to do the trick in this area. Into every rave review must come a suggestion for improvement: in this case, it was Marie's vocalizing. The problem was that it was non-stop, it was very high in volume and seemed like one endless howl from which she gave me only intermittent relief. The quieter moments seemed like water in a desert. After enduring the nonstop high-decibel wailing for what seemed like forever, my ears were ringing - in fact, twenty minutes after watching, they still are. I love you, Marie Luv, but you gotta dial the monotonous howls down a few clicks. Remember - as genuine a performance as you are delivering, it's still a performance and the audience must be considered. Lastly, kudos to Whipped Ass and Kink for the continued superb production values. Additionally, it's a pleasure to hear so many performers talk about how they know you're really looking out for their well-being. This frees them to really let go and get into the sexual fantasy. It also is probably why you consistently have the most beautiful people of either sex in front of the camera, whether it's Whipped Ass, Sex and Submission, Hogtied, Public Disgrace, Electrosluts, the TS Sites, the various gang-bang sites, etc. This is all to the benefit of the loyal viewers. The action in your various shoots on your many sites can vary from so-so to inspired, but you're always trying and the production values rarely slip. Some viewers complain that the story-lines (what there is of them) sometimes get stale and they threaten to never come back, but I'll bet most of them do. I have taken occasional vacations from Kink, too, but when I come back for another look, there's always something you've just done that makes me say hell yeah! Party on, Kinkers!

Whipped Ass
May 18, 2014

Lorelei is more beautiful than ever. I am very happy that she decided a while back to perfect her smile. Those teeth are gorgeous and compliment her stunning face. Her body is in goddess condition. I salute her return to submission after going to the domme side for a while. Her facial expressions, especially when her gorgeous body is arched in the stocks, are the epitome of the damsel in distress. Her energy and ability to take such prolonged assault, whether in the stocks or whirling in suspension, is awesome. Every blow of the whip, every thrust of the penis in her cunt or her lovely mouth is met with Lorelei registering shock and awe as if each violation is the first one. The fisting was superb. I agree that her hairstyle was a bit extreme, but she is so lovely that it works in this situation - and it is the classic look of Barbarella. Everybody has a wish or a peeve when it comes to Kink shoots. I just wish Lorelei wasn't so bedecked with oversize tattoos that are gross insults to her beauty. It lends an air of carnival freak show to a woman whose face. alabaster skin and spectacular body radiate class. I can take that small heart tattoo, but the rest just look like ugly bruises. It would have been also nice to see Lorelei/Barbarella start with a little bit of clothing which would be violently ripped from her twitching body. She could even keep those killer heels on, if even for only a while, before they are taken from her. To me it's all part of the submission fantasy which Lorelei plays so well and convincingly. A word on Ramon Nomar. In some shoots, he can come off as a bit of a slug, but here he was masterful and thoroughly enjoying himself. He was animated, confident and definitely in control. There was a chemistry between these two on the set. As for those who bemoan the use of the condom, frankly I didn't even notice it. It was the action that carried the day. I'd rather they keep the condom and stay healthy. Having not seen the other parts of the Barbarella Odyssey, I eagerly will look for them on the other sites. Where else in the Kinkdom does this story take place?

Sex And Submission
Mar 5, 2014

Krissy Lynn. That's a statement all by itself. Hands down, the best role playing actress in the Kinkdom. She's genuine, she's believable, she radiates class. Her sweet smile is sexy as hell. The look of shock and dismay as Xander rips open her blouse, destroys her bra and tears open her pants is classic. I agree with those that found those socks less than erotic. If Miss K had worn pantyhose, Xander could have had even more fun ripping open her pants, then her pantyhose, then her panties. WooHoo! Thigh high stockings and a garter belt would be a nice alternative. Oh, and shoes: It's o.k. for the heroine to lose them, but do it on camera. For those who want to see the model nekked from the git-go, I say phooey. One of the great features of S&S is the sequential peeling of the peach, the plucking of the flower's petals, i.e., clothes, 'til all that is left is a wisp of flimsy panty lace, which is then cut open and torn away. The sight of her now totally vulnerable pussy is now la pi���©ce de r���©sistance. Let the banging begin! When Xander arched her over backward, my missile achieved orbit. The attack on her rear was vigorous and jiz-promoting. Total satisfaction there. I first encountered Krissy as a golden blonde on S & S. I think that's her most natural look. Her auburn do here ends in a dissipated frizz and the lipstick is a tad too dark for this California girl. Nevertheless, her radiant smile and her beautiful teeth do much to offset that. In case you may think I have overlooked her opulent assets, fear naught. Krissy has one of the best batteries of howitzers that ever stuck some lucky lover in the eye. Making the viewer develop major trouser tension until that bra finally comes of is, I think, a stroke of genius - with an emphasis on the stroke. This girl is the goods and Xander ain't no slouch in the stud department. There was a chemistry here. That's what makes a S&S shoot take off and deliver. As for the pictures, ya gotta do better than 50 for a major sexfest like this one. There's no such thing as too much Krissy and too little is too damn hard to take.

Sex And Submission
Feb 4, 2014

The role playing was nonexistent. The sexual tension was just not there. Neither of these two can remotely act. Owen didn't trust Angel's mouth to get him off and kept pulling out to jerk off. I suppose he thought he was teasing her. I doubt either of them actually read that book to get a clue on how to behave. Angel at least can belt out a convincing moan when she is swatted on her ass. Owen is unimaginative and repetitive. There were times when I felt like yelling "Red!" to stop this shoot. Well, let's not be totally negative: the lighting is first class and everything was in focus. Sex and Submission is capable of far better than this. Since the subject was a school setting, I recommend that Owen take a course with James Deen, Mark Davis or even Mr. Pete and Angel enrolls with Krissy Lynn or Chanel Preston for a few pointers.

Sex And Submission
Jan 19, 2014

Now that I've had my Milcah, can I have a cookie?

Whipped Ass
Jan 19, 2014

Milcah is the flower of innocence deflowered. What a fabulous debut! When those braces in her sweet mouth come off, she'll be even more beautiful, but having them on now makes her ever more the delicious victim of Felony. My favorite scene was Milcah arched over backward. You can't get any more helpless and open to violation than that: hips thrust voluptuously outward, thighs forced apart, torso in an arc, arms thrust back, palms up, throat arched, mouth open, breasts pointing toward heaven, not being able to see what's coming next. When a girl is trussed that way, seeing her face disappear in Felony's cunt and ass is serious meat missile time. Felony forcing her to endlessly repeat "Thank you, can I have some more?" in the first scene began to get wearisome. That lasted a bit too long, degrading the effect of Milcah's loving submission of every part of her body to Felony. Felony is by far the fiercest domme in the Kinkdom. She has a body to kill for. I have fond memories of her as a sub, if sub is the right word. When she's in the throes of an orgasm, her violent gyrations, uncontrollable twitches, orgasmic spasms and straining against her bonds while in sub-subspace are enough to bring down the walls of the Armory. Oh, and can she ever blather gibberish while in that state! Getting back to Milcah: those semi-sheer white knee-highs and those super sexy black suede t-strap pumps with cream colored soles were the cherry on the sundae. The fact that this was Milcah's very first time (I'll go with the premise) made it all the better. The only problem with a first time is that you don't get a second first time, but Milcah has far to go. Let's hope she goes on with Kink. You guys really hit this one out of the park! M-m-m-m-m-m-more Milcah!

Whipped Ass
Jan 4, 2014

Lori looks adorable, indeed, but Orlando somehow managed to make this shoot rather tedious - too much time with nothing much moving the session forward. Lori, as this is all new to her, can't be faulted for not realizing she has a role to play. She spent too much time trying to "man up" and showing she could take what was being dished out - with lots of behavior as if this was a gym workout and not a sexual bondage site. She's a naturally beautiful girl and should act the role - yes, act - not behave like she is perfectly o.k. with being rudely violated. Her initial reactions to being stripped of her top, belt, skirt, bra and panties were very good, though. It may be my personal distaste, but I don't much care for a sweet girl with as beautiful a face and body as Lori has yelling "fuck" like she's a guy, especially as much as she does here. Blurting out "omigod" or simply "oh!" and putting the word "please" before "fuck", followed by the word "me" works much better. The various ways of restraining Lori were inventive, although the first position - being restrained against the wall with her arms stretched straight up and a pad forcing her body to arch forward - was the most sexual (loved those sky-high Mary Janes she wore!) I kept waiting for the sybian to eventually demolish Lori's attempts at resistance, but it never materialized. There was no explosive climax. Likewise, the zipper was anticlimactic after Orlando's attempts at talking up a build-up. To his credit, when he told Lori she would have a more intense experience if she didn't talk so much, it was right on the money. I look forward to seeing more of Lori and watching her develop her on-camera skills. The bottom line: this girl is a stunning beauty with lots of potential.

Device Bondage
Dec 14, 2013

Ella is a Super Nova!! That combo of innocence and the ability to take what Mistress Madeleine was dishing out was over the top. Those first moments when Ella drifted from massage into something more intense on Le Mistress was something else.

Whipped Ass
Nov 12, 2013

Golden Isis on ice. Enough heat to melt the Arctic! A spectacularly beautiful girl who is a bondage pro meets Master Lew, who really knows the ropes. He actually put the look of real fear in her beautiful eyes - no small accomplishment. Fabulous shoot!

Water Bondage
Oct 27, 2013

To begin with, the set and the lighting were up to Kink's usual industry-leading standards. Lorelei is terrific, whether she subs or doms. With her pretty new dental work, she has truly become exquisitely beautiful. (Would that I could say the same for that gross arm tattoo that looks like a bruise.) In this shoot, it was Lorelei doing all the work, and pretty much all the acting. Eva was stiff. That's good and that's bad. Her Johnson was stiff in a good way. Her acting was stiff in a bad way. Eva's "fuck yeahs" were both excessive and uncinvincing. The scene started off with great potential, with Eva in a sexy black dress, thigh high stockings and gorgeous fuck-me pumps, tied in a spectacular position, her head back and her high-heeled leg extended. However, Eva was more interested in being a spectator than the recipient of erotic pleasure. She kept lifting her head up to watch with a disinterested expression what Lorelei was up to, rather than submit to the pleasure of it with erotic abandon. Lorelei was the master of the sexy talk and the artful use of scissors to strip Eva of her dress, her pretty bra and eventually her panties. Even watching her pull Eva's stud-encrusted pump from her stocking foot was a turn on. Watching Lorelei's reaction to being pussy-fingered from behind in a reach-around as Eva stood behind her was delectable. Lorelei was truly in the moment. Her face and squirming body said it all. That moment didn't last long, coming at the end of a scene, but the quality topped the quantity. When Lorelei dommed Eva from below with her strap-on, she was quite convincing in showing that putting that black shaft into Eva's back door was giving her an orgasm, too. If I hadn't seen otherwise when Lorelei seductively removed it from her body in preparation for getting her pussy fingered by Eva, I would have believed that it was a double-ended device, with every thrust in to Eva resulting in a thrust into Lorelei. Eva has done a magnificent job in getting herself to look like a bombshell, from her beautiful face to her toes. I would surmise that she enjoys playing with her spectacular globes as much she would enjoy the touch of someone's fingers on them, reacting with gasps and twitches of desire. I didn't see much of that. When Lorelei was drilling her from behind, Eva had me wondering whether her passion came from the sexual assault or from masturbating. When Lorelei went down on her, there wasn't much reaction.

TS Pussy Hunters
Sep 20, 2013

This girl oozes sensuality and sexuality. She's one of the prettiest women I've seen in all the Kinkdom. She's lithe with with an impeccable body and beautiful hair. She fully reacts to everything he does to her. She even screams when her blouse is ripped off. Don't see that too often. He really goes to town on her, yet every lash and every application of the vibrator is met with fresh gasps and screams as if it's the first time he's violated her. This girl is in the moment - no phoning it in here!

Sadistic Rope
Aug 6, 2013

Shazam! Juliette and Tommy are great together, both sexy and funny. Her smoldering little wifey and his repair man's initial reluctance set the scene for a good bangfest. Juliette is the consummate tease, even during her initial interview. When J & T got it going, that scrambling around on the kitchen counter and the stove top was truly loopy, with Tommy's grabbing the pot to give her butt a smack or two a comic flourish. I was afraid for a moment that everything was going to happen with their backs to the camera, but Tommy managed to start ripping Juliette's blouse off from an interesting rear angle, finishing it off from the front in classic style. Some may take issue with pubic hair on a model, but it was just the right note to further the conceit that this an impromptu sex tussle between a repair guy and an inordinately sexy housewife looking for a way to pay the bill through "barter". In the long run, were those expensive fuck-me shoes worth it? Sure was for me!

Sex And Submission
Aug 6, 2013

Is there anything Penny Pax won't try? She manages to maintain her sweet innocence, no matter what predicament she's put in. The sight of such a valedictorian/cheerleader/honor society student being so gloriously violated is sure to cause major trouser tension. I just couldn't get over the fact that inside that transparent latex out, perched on those mind-blowing fuck-me pumps was our sweet Penny. Mz. Berlin apparently has graduated with honors from the Claire Adams School of Domination. I find it disappointing that such a treasured find as "Bunny Rabbit" was not given more prominent mention in this shoot. She is just as delectable and sweet as Penny. She conveyed that "first-time" aura to perfection. She gave the impression that she would be mortified if her friends and family found out about her secret passion. It only adds to the chemistry. Her reaction to even the slightest touch around her breasts and nipples is a real turn-on. The way she bounced up and down at high speed on that butt dildo was spectacular. Normally I don't care for girls who are exceptionally loud, but Bunny was able to scream her orgasm in a fabulous extended note that was quite convincing. What made this shoot so pleasurable is that both models come off as real, sweet girls that anyone might know. Both are free of disfiguring tattoos and piercings. They're all natural. That's class! I look forward to seeing both of them again

Device Bondage
Aug 2, 2013

Satine Phoenix brings beauty, intelligence and passion to this and all her shoots. Sasha Grey is a super tease who shows great promise as a domme, although I fondly remember her super-sub roles, often as a haughty maiden brought low.

Wired Pussy