Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 23, 2013

It's hard to believe a girl like Penny would be doing this. I'm not just talking Electrosluts, but porn of any kind. That's precisely what makes it so delectable! The combination of a sacrificial sweetheart to the searing heat of the irresistible Lea Lexis is just plain dynamite!

Electro Sluts
Jan 20, 2013

Jodi is a virtuous angel � just the kind to have her virginity forcefully ripped from her. Her very innocence is her sexiest attribute. She's natural, clean, tat-free, realistically boobed. Jodi is one of those rare finds: she has terrific charisma because she is totally unpretentious. Add to this her genuine acting talent and you have a superstar in the making. Seeing the stiff hypocrisy of her Christian religion forcefully torn from her is immensely satisfying, as well as liberating. As every shred of her modest girlish clothing is taken from her body, she comes closer to a true epiphany. Jodi kept up her intensity and beiievability with every "please don't" and "why are you doing this to me?" Even when she kept that adorable mouth wide open to receive the always amazing team of Mr. Deen, Mr. Pete and Mr. Wylde, it came across as her doing it out of feeling overwhelmed and being fearfully obedient, rather than an unrealistic shift of character from good girl defiled to voracious slut. Princess Donna, though barely in attendance, was extremely funny in her short role. Her post shoot interview showed her ability to reveal the true enthusiasm that Jodi had for this special shoot. Jodi's delight in her experience � both in her anticipation and in her recollection � is one of the best interviews of a sub I've ever seen on any site in the Kinkdom.

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Dec 30, 2012

Krissy never disappoints. She's always very in to her roleplay, which makes her sense of outrage when being stripped, humiliated and fucked seem so genuine. I can't think of a better personality to violate her than that evil princess Lea. Cutting through the straps on Krissy's sexy maryjanes was a novel way to strip them from her feet.

Whipped Ass
Dec 19, 2012

Tara Lynn Fox is the very picture of innocence defiled. Princess Donna knows just how to defile her. Tara is spectacular because she is so genuine in her reactions. Her body is immaculate, with nary a disfiguring tattoo to be seen anywhere. Her golden hair, huge brown eyes and plump baby-doll lips, especially when wide open in shock, are guaranteed to give me major trouser tension. Best of all, she screams like a girl. Thank God you didn't gag that magnificent innocent mouth. Her body arched and squirmed in futile attempts to ameliorate the exquisite sting of the electrified beads. Her ride on the sybian while trying to keep her feet off the copper sheeting is a classic. Tara always brings her A game. The erotic tension is real and that's what makes this shoot beyond great.

Wired Pussy
Nov 11, 2012

Rita is awesome! The way she fits into that black sweater is poetry. I liked the build-up to her forced sex. It's way better than doing a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. IT gave a narrative to the action. Her initial struggle and the way her body arced put me on the path to schwing city. Some of Rita and the boys' best moves were when she was held in mid-air and almost arced upside-down. Too brief there. I would offer a suggestion or two: the plastic bag only obscured her striking face and any facial expression while being surprised by the guys; I think she lost her pumps too soon; I would have liked to see a little more lingerie under that sexy black sweater and mini skirt - a bra, stockings or pantyhose, etc. They would offer a few more things that could be erotically ripped from her body or cut open and shredded in the action. Speaking of losing her clothes, the camera didn't sufficiently capture how well her panties were single-handedly pulled down and ripped off. The lens stayed too high for just a little too long. Lovely Rita was held in that head-over-heels position for too long. I'm sure she could have displayed her acting talent (which is superb) even more if she was put in a few more struggling positions. When Donna began to untie her ankles, it would have been a more believable part of the story if Donna at first pretended to be "rescuing" her, only to shock Rita when she suddenly thrust her hand up Rita's snatch. Rita has enormous potential. I hope to see her again in the Kinkdom, perhaps in Wired Pussy, Whipped Ass or Sex and Submission.

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Nov 10, 2012

In the opening scenes, Claire is working Katie with that dildo like it's a class in animal husbandry. She spends way too much time shoving that thing soullessly in and out of Katie's ass while Katie emits perfunctory grunts and moans. When she's not doing that, she's using that switch on Katie without much imagination, just repetition � without much reaction from Katie.There is no clue as to why Katie is trussed up like that in the first place. Just a word or two in the conversation could set this scene. No need for elaborate motivation here, but�y�know�a lil� somethin�, maybe? There is a lot more life in the scene where Katie is shackled to that wooden beam. It's like she has suddenly remembered what Device Bondage is all about. But then there are curious lapses where Katie is just sitting there in anticipation after being churned rather mechanically by Claire with that dildo-on-a-stick and there's no action by Claire, who just squats and stares at her and then leaves. Redemption to this shoot comes in scene three, where Katie is lashed face-down to that Y-beam, ass provocatively thrust up in the air, sporting a garter belt, exhilarating thigh-high black sheer seamed nylons and illegally sexy black patent ohmigod-please-fuck-me stillettos. It was hot fun to see Claire oil up Katie�s big bad booty and give milady a waxing and a gloved finger up her butthole. Seemed a lot less like animal husbandry this time around. Katie's reaction to the wax is terrific and Claire's teasing manner with that vibrator and her fist on Katie's butt and cunt finally starts to show some style. Katie's reactions are that of a violated virgin � yowzah! Ditto her reaction to the cats o'nine tails. The saving grace to the whole shoot is when delectable Katie twitches uncntrollably while cumming big-time. I�ve seen Claire in action on a number of sites and she�s generally an excitement-inducing pro, either as a domme or a sub. Here, it was a series of peaks and valleys for her.

Device Bondage
Oct 30, 2012

These girls both have supremely carnal faces to compliment their super hot bodies. Brandy has those terrific pouty lips and Kristina has those perfect teeth. They use these assets to perfection. I just loved seeing that glass knob pop out of Kristina's butt. The setting was elegant and the camera work and lighting was what we expect from the Kinkdom. For both lovelies, just when I thought each would explode with one more thrust of that strap on, they took it up another notch. Both Brandy and Kristina have the most exquisite expressions on their faces as they are being plowed. Kristina looked like she had reached her limit and then she surprised me with a gloriously girlish scream paired with a spontaneous full-body twitch as she came. Woo hoo! Sartorially, I have to give the edge to Kristina. Those thigh high sheer black stockings and those totally erotic black suede double strapped Mary Janes gave me major trouser tension. I would have liked to see a bit more of them as the fabulous Brandy worked her magic with mouth, hand and dildo. I really dug the towering red heels on Brandy's feet, but the wide open toes and the excessively thick platforms took the edge off. I love to see a women's toes when she's wearing high heeled strappy sandals, but for my tastes, a closed-toe pump with the toe cleavage in the vamp area leaves more to the imagination, thus amping up the sexual tension.

Everything Butt
Oct 25, 2012

I came, I saw, I came again. Ohh, Lindy, what a doll you are! This is the essence of Wired Pussy: To take a sweet innocent demure girl and force orgasm after orgasm from her, each one more intense than the last. The electricity makes her tremble and twitch until we don't know if it's the orgasm or the shocks that make her body act this way, namely out of control. I've heard other girls on this site ask for an orgasm, but the way Lindy begs for it as her body is violently forced from her control of it is in a class by itself.

Wired Pussy
Oct 2, 2012

Nika is one beautifully put together broad. Bailey is a tower of brunette carnality with an exquisitely beautiful face. I go nuts over defiled nurse scenes and these two played it to the hilt. Seeing a crisp white nurse's uniform ripped from such a magnificent body gave me major trouser tension, especially when Bailey's lingerie was exposed. The contrast between the prim white of her uniform and the blazing scarlet of her lingerie was primo, indeed. The sexy red pumps and the red bustier filled to perfection with Bailey's voluptuous globes put the cherry on the sundae. Gorgeous Nika's verbal berating of Bailey while she was head-over-heels was both funny and super hot. Love that accent! Nika penetrated Bailey with flair and gusto, not to mention that dildo-on-a-stick. Seeing Nika's snow white panties stuffed in Bailey's moaning mouth emphasized her helplessness. If I have only one nit to pick, it's that Nika ripped Bailey's scarlet pumps off too soon and the camera barely caught that action.

Whipped Ass
Sep 28, 2012

Close to perfection. Kym is an awesome domme and Paige Richards is so very beautiful. If I were to alter anything, I'd have loved to see Kym rip open Paige's blouse and tear it off. There should have been a delicate lacy bra under Paige's blouse that Kym could toy with and then cut open, the cups popping wide to reveal Paige's perfect breasts. Paige's skirt should have been ripped from her body. I would let beautiful Paige keep her stunning sky high stillettos on a while longer. When Kym removes them, she could start in a slow, teasing way. When only the tips of Paige's toes are still in the shoes, Kym can then abruptly whip them off as Paige gasps in shock. I loved the way Kym forced Paige to lie arched over the edge of the bed. It gave us a perfect view of the mounting passion in her beautiful face. Kym's use of wax was first class. Last, but not least, I love the fact that neither of these women bears a single disfiguring tattoo � unmarred beauty in all its radiance.

Whipped Ass
Aug 23, 2012

P.S. Loved her killer pumps with those devilish thigh high stockings Their very innocence makes them all the more erotic.

Sex And Submission
Aug 23, 2012

The usual question comes up: How can a girl this naturally beautiful be doing scenes like this? Then, mercifully, it goes away. Why look the gift girl in the mouth, to mangle a common expression? Ash could be really big in Hollywood, pun intended, but, thankfully, she loves Kink.com. There is only one word to describe her: stunning. She's into the fantasy, knows the role-play, stays in character (after all, wouldn't someone prim and proper like this be shocked, humiliated and frightened by the experience, followed by involuntary orgasm when her body and awakened passions betray her?) For all the authenticity of her performance, I'm still blown away that I'm seeing someone like her in scenes like this. A cause for major trouser tension, even when I think about this shoot later. Not to be judgmental, but I thought no one in the Kinkdom could equal the great Krissy Lynn, but hot damn, Ash is great competition! I didn't save much space for James Deen. What is there to say, except he's an absolute master of the genre? He never disappoints.

Sex And Submission
Aug 7, 2012

When you assemble some of the giants of adult entertainment into a magnum opus such as this, the results are bound to set off fireworks. This shoot works from the first frame to the last. James Deen's satiny menace is in top form. He is a skilled actor who can get the most from even the most subtle gesture. Tara Lynn Fox is the embodiment of every guy's wet dream: the face of angel and a bod built for sin. That alone isn't quite enough for sexual heat, so Tara Lynn completes the circle with a convincing portrayal of a sweet girl who is totally shocked by her humiliation, emanating girlish cries and screams as she is forcibly stripped and forced into sex. She is the real deal. Her facial expressions during her violation are priceless. What can be said of Isis Love that has not already been said? She is the very form of elegant carnality and gasp-inducing passion. She's so erotically charged with her olivine beauty that you could fry an egg on her voluptuous globes. When she was a sub, she convincingly gave it everything. Now that she is a domme, you want to give her everything. This girl is a legend in her own time - a raven haired beauty who is all girl, but can fuck a girl like a man. Kudos to everyone from the set decorators to the lighting crew to the director to the videographer.

Sex And Submission
Jul 12, 2012

Riley is one of the most beautiful young women in the Kinkdom. She has it all: an impeccable face with innocent yet sensuous mouth, liquid blue eyes that can transfix, lustrous auburn hair, a pretty body which is pristine and unmarked by disfiguring tattoos. Her demeanor supports her acting premise: She wants to be the good girl. Her natural sweetness confirms it. She is the perfect sub - always making us believe that what is happening to her is new and being experienced for the first time. The look of shock and surprise on her face is genuine. She proves that purity and innocence can be super -erotic. Lorelei is the perfect compliment to Riley. Where Riley is charmingly awkward, Lorelei is graceful and smooth. To Riley's innocent requests and questions, Lorelei is the the honey-sweet reassuring tease. Where Riley is auburn innocence, Lorelei is glossy, blonde and masterful. Their chemistry is obvious and abundant. They make a great team. Lorelei has the great talent to give a convincing performance as a top or a bottom. Riley's forté is singular: she's the sweet girl you can't wait to ravish. Men and women of Kink - start your vibrators and oil your whips. Riley awaits.

Wired Pussy
Apr 24, 2012

It's Krissy Lynn and James Deen, ably abetted by Mr. Pete and crew. That's as good as it gets. 'Nuff said - except to add that Krissy is a real actress whose beauty matches her brains. She's always magic. James Deen is the Jamie Gillis of the 21st Century, but a tad smoother in delivery. Who's Jamie Gillis? If you have to ask, you have never experienced the ultimate in a man domming a woman. The guy made history in the 70's and 80's - a legend as big as Ron Jeremy

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