Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 1, 2008

Great job protecting your beautiful ladies. No need for stupid comments. Have an idea. Would it be possible to put Lisa Lipps, and Lyn McCrossin together? That would be a great twosome to watch. Keep up the great work with the "Masters" and the hot sexy women you get to perform.

Oct 16, 2007

Thank you Sid for once again raising the bar of how dominate you can be. Can't wait to see Angel go against Isis or Vendetta. Wow!!

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 26, 2007

Here is why I'm giving this bout a 5. First, the style and class the ladies show to each other was really nice to see, nothing arrogant or mean spirited bullshit. Second, Matt makes a great attempt to put as much care into a match for the safety of the ladies as possible, with emphasis on safety. Three, was really cool to blur out the images of the paramedics for their privacy. The bouts are fun and quite erotic but also like Matt said they are real, not sports-entertainment. Keep up the great work Matt, good luck to you Isis in the tournament, and Amber get well soon, and come back stronger than ever.

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 13, 2007

This match goes to show you what a classic it is. People are still commenting on a match that took place over seven months ago. Keep up the great work Matt.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 27, 2007

Decent match, just need to be more physical especially in Round 4.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 23, 2007

That was fun to watch. I'm sure with a few minor modifications it should be a nice change once in awhile. Would give it a five, but need to see more than one round. Take it easy on that neck Darling. All of you ladies are quite talented and make good teams. Great job as always with your site Matt. Have fun, Ciao.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 23, 2007

This was a pretty good match. The only thing that round 4 was missing was a little more "trash talking" and humiliating. Isis in her last match should be the standard that all winners should use when going into round 4. Keep smiling that gorgeous smile Vendetta. Great site Matt, and I plan to sign on for another six months.

Ultimate Surrender