Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 29, 2005

I don't normally post comments, but I would like to add my thoughts to this discussion. Number 1 -Shy is absolutley incredible and I would definitely like to see more of her. Number 2 -I am impressed with the way that all of your websites try and push the envelope and try new things. Number 3 - I hear members in different post complain about how things are becoming boring, but however do not offer suggestions for themes. I would like to add a couple for your consideration and perhaps the members would also appreciate these themes as well. How about a theme where one or two soldiers are torturing and humilitating a female spy for information and then decide to use her for their own personal pleasure after she gives up her secrets. Or a billionaire's wife is kidnapped and her abuse is videotaped in order to convice her husband to pay the ransom. When the tape is off, he takes advantage of his captive. Or last a married couple is having marital problems. The husband decides that going to a sex therapist might rekindle their love live. However, the husband takes his wife to a dungeon so that he can get what she will no longer offer. I don't know if you can use any of these ideas, but now there are a few creative member suggestions.

Sex And Submission
Jun 3, 2002

Excellent Shoot - Cowgirl would look superb moaning and struggling while tied to a wooden cross.