Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 26, 2009

Thanks Tomcat..I Do hope that is your proper moniker. You sure made Daniel feel comfortable and safe. As she took your every request and she replied with eager enthusiasm. Also loved the hands on stuff and so did she. It looks like she was your best friend.. and she felt.. as she but it "awsome" ,,and that's because you made her feel that way. Say could you by chance persuade the next "Girl Friday" to kiss her or you. I think it would make for a romantic twist. Just a thought.. Thanks and thank you Daniel hope to see you back and kissing Tomcat or Vice-Versa. Sincerely S404

Fucking Machines
Oct 11, 2009

Good stuff. Very smooth acting. I know you tired not to hurt each other. I would have put a little fisting. But over all excellent

Whipped Ass
Oct 10, 2009

Thanks jessica. I think this is a job for the director to warm her up. As I do recall about the director asking if Jessica tried shagging up with a girl. This is diffinantly a job for her to break her in and show her the ropes. Hint HINT.

Fucking Machines
Oct 10, 2009

Great.. WOuld like to see more participation from the Director. Whom ever she os.

Fucking Machines
Aug 19, 2009

Nice, love this theme "New girl fridays". Would like to see the director(she) like one scene I bought where she assist with a toy. Lots of Fun to watch. Enjoy!

Fucking Machines
Apr 9, 2009

nice ...The black girl is doing a nice job breaking in the new girl. Great Stuff

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