Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 16, 2012

TC GENIUS.Best TS director in world.this award winner surely?RAIN AMAZING.JJ TOP JOB.[More JJ both sites please]this had it all,great fucking,anal,asslicking/fingering,C.I.M.Bondage.superb set/camera.AVN nominate now.TC AND kink rule in TS Movies.best update ever.LOVED IT.

TS Pussy Hunters
Sep 1, 2011

AWESOME..LOVED IT.top job DONNA and JAMES..[anal,top draw/superb}all in all a perfect production...

Aug 19, 2011

AMAZING TOP JOB TC.surely MIA for TS of the year.great topping on TY [well done TY]and LORELEISgorg TOP JOB TC./LORELEI./TY.MIA for TS OF THE YEAR SURELY.SHE IS JUST SO SPRCIAL.on every site up pops LORELEI and she allways delivers top class work.these 2 movies surely up for an award or two?how about a part 3 MIA/TY/LORELEI and bring in a second TS.most important lots more MIA please TC.i could watch her all day.thanks KINK this is better than anything on other sites.

TS Seduction
Jul 22, 2011

searching old movies came upon this.LOVED IT. wow KELLY SHORE is divine.going to search for more of her now.I AM IN LOVE LUSTING FOR KELLY.shes hot.

TS Seduction
Jul 21, 2011

TC.THAT WAS FANTASTIC.top job MIA,LORELEI,TY.MIA is amazing.o.m.g.her cock,breasts,nipples,awesome.and they way she walks the stuff of dreams.and of course the way she fucks.cant wait for the continuation,fucking LORELEIS arse,and TYs too i hope.haveing a girl in worked for me as there was still plenty of guy/ts action.all as good as it gets.MIA ROCKS.........

TS Seduction
Apr 21, 2011

NICE ONE TC. I Like DINA a lot.lovely personality/attitude.fabulous body/breasts/nipples.loved a cock up her.[please find her a really big dick TC.]she will love it.great oral topping skills too.DINA is a total babe.such compulsive viewing.

TS Seduction
Apr 14, 2011

WOW TC.You are spoiling us with all this new talent.i liked BRITNEY a lot.great attitude and went about the job in a cool manner.MICHAEL must have loved it.[lucky lad].more BRITNEY anytime.

TS Seduction
Apr 5, 2011

nice bonus TC.DINA IS CUTE.very feminine,great figure.i would like to see more of her.

TS Seduction
Mar 29, 2011

have to post again.CJB why are you watching sex and sub,this would be a dream scenario for genuine female subs.in this movie princess donna/james/pete have raised the bar and produced probarbly the best sex and sub movie ever.if not to your likeing so be it.but to leave a rateing of poor is an insult to these stars right at the front of whats current and at the top of their game.it is unbeleivable that this movie could get a poor ..im shocked.

Sex And Submission
Mar 28, 2011

MOVIE OF THE YEAR,maybe the DECADE.awards surely for PRINCESS DONNA,JAMES and PETE.waited so long to see donnas gorgeous arse taken and o.m.g. it was worth the wait.indescribally brilliant.JAMES top job with the cane and fisting.that squirt the stuff of dreams.kink should have gold stars [hall of fame]on pavement outside building.PRINCESS[godess]DONNA should be 1st on it.it doesnt get any better than this..PERFECTION ++++++.

Sex And Submission
Mar 26, 2011

FANTASTIC.MIA is the ultimate ts godess.o.m.g.that cock must feel so good.top job TC.as allways when you have the top talent you deliver something special.this is special.LOVED IT. more MIA A.S.A.P.please..

TS Seduction
Mar 25, 2011

BETTER THAN GREAT,after seeing MIAS latest shoot on kink went back and found this.MIA IS SENSATIONAL.a true dream.im hooked now a total MIA fan.loved this shoot.EDDY [lucky boy]a great sub.guys if your checking MIA out this is a must see as its now available at a bargain price.MIA MIA i am in love.

TS Seduction
Mar 17, 2011

AWESOME. top job TC.,DANNI.and the LUCKY BOYS.[as someone else said oh to have been no 3]DANNI is compulsive viewing.fit.nice boobs/cock.great top.superb role play/camera/production.well done all involved.more DANNI please TC.SHES SMOKEING HOT.

TS Seduction
Mar 3, 2011

LOVED IT.TOP job honey.TRENT great work too,superb 1st come shot.god you must have enjoyed that.takeing it from the gorgeous HONEY.great camera,well done TC./all involved.

TS Seduction
Feb 19, 2011

FANTASTIC LOVED IT.2 amazeing subs.CHLOE just gets better with every shoot.she is the complete package.top job from BOBBI and MARK.WELL DONE ALL INVOLVED.great value for money.

Sex And Submission