Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 15, 2005

I have never left a comment before, however on this one, I simply felt I *must*. Sarah is a gorgeous girl with my preference in body types (petite and (relatively to the boob job girls) small chested), and is absolutely declicious to watch. Her reactions and her slow submittal to something new was incredible to observe... and enjoy. Don't worry about us not wanting you back, Sarah. At least one person will be watching for your next shoot with anticipation. Also, Matt does an excellent job of being extremely involved with the girls... and staying completely out of the way (visually). Nice work.

Mar 19, 2003

My first personal comment of my membership (about 4 months old, methinks). Tracey, thank you for responding to these notes and commentary in bulletin board fashion. I have read points that some of my fellow members have made, both here and elsewhere, and occassionally I feel they don't understand the concept of Safe, Sane, and Concensual. It's nice to know both that A) The ladies involved are also involved in after shoot information and B) The ladies involved are more then simple lifestylers. Unfortunately, due to recent commentary, Peter has cut back on the 'in between' scenes. While I understand that it's certainly not what most are here to download, such a thing is necessary in the scene, and does tend to explain the motives (or lack thereof) of the next set of scenes with the same model. My poor old 56k modem (I hate not getting dsl here) makes me pick and choose my downloads, however, simply for the interaction (hint: Peter, get them more involved) I'm currently reviewing this segment. Thank you.