Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 13, 2011

I haven't watched this yet, just downloaded it, but I agree with the sentiment about there being too many guys in the shoots. Every shoot has a guy in it, and it is irritating. Why not just compromise, have guys in half the shoots and all girls in the other half. What attracted me to this site was seeing really pretty girls shoot water out of their asses. Wow, that's brave. Personally I like the female Doms, so I am dropping this site for now and, keeping Whipped Ass. I will miss this site but I will vote with my dollars and go to the all girl site. I am probably better off on an all female site like Whipped Ass or Wired Pussy anyhow. It they had enemas they would have it all. `I don't mean to be too critical of the people who run Everything Butt. In general they do good work, the female actress are beautiful and the male actors do a fine job, but they seem unresponsive to people's complaints. By having a guy in half of every shoot rather than every other shoot they seem to have chosen the worst compromise they could.

Everything Butt
May 28, 2010

That was Awsome

Everything Butt
Nov 17, 2009

Skylar and Bobbi are two of my favorite models. Loved seeing them together. Thank you.

Everything Butt
May 20, 2009

fun to watch and has natural beauty