Ultimate Surrender Presents - Rookie Cup Final - Squirting Orgasms in Round 4!!!
Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Forced Orgasms

Comments made by mick782

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Nov 13, 2008

Great, i liked the scene and the roleplay very much. And of course Devi. I liked the little rebel in her ;) Hope to see some more of this (and her!).

Wired Pussy
Oct 31, 2008

Disagree with Linny ;) I loved this 4 Days very much, but this one wasnt the best of all. Mixed feelings about the break of the scene of Claire at the end....one the one Hand, it shows again that you really take care of the models and thats always important for sure. On the other hand, it has broken the scene in the midlle of a hot action and thats always dissapointing ;) All in one the last day was good. Not much of us (i guess) can even imagine what it takes to do something like that. 2 obidient "Slavegirls", partially as pony (i love this), out in open space...come one guys...what else can be better? ;)

The Training Of O
Mar 30, 2008

Now THATS a nice girl and a extremely good actress...one of the best shootings i ever saw ! Good God...that was so hot that i had to cool down my Monitor...not to talk about me ;) More of her is all ui can say...more more more ...that was amazing ! A clearly earned 10 out of 5 !

Jan 3, 2008

Sorry to say that...but it was boring for me...only watched it half. No interaction, no RP, just a suspended girl who gets fucked. Nothing special that i havnt seen hundred times before. Yes, Kayden is a very sexy girl with a great Body and she did well but the scene was so common...

Device Bondage
Dec 30, 2007

Im with Uropa...i cant find words...that was simply outstanding. I like Donna as a Dom very much but shes such a ..missing words... sub...its...simply Great. Not to talk about Sarah...nice decoration...i need something like her for my living room ;) Really great shoot girls...outstanding work.

Device Bondage