Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 2, 2010

Still not sure how to start the follow-up for this one? What about WW lying unconscious on the ground. Her body still sweaty and hot, smoke circling up. The thug is standing in front of his machine, shouting and screaming. He definitely doesn't like it. His murderes device is broken and more smoke is coming from it. How is this possible? With his back to WW he doesn't realize she's coming to her senses and tries to get up. Her injuries are too much and a loud groan escapes her mouth. That makes the evil man turn around and seeing the danger her is quick in his action. Taking a device from his pocket he lunges at the still incoherent heroine. "Oh no, you don't!" And with that he zaps her with a stunner. He loves his electricity afterall. With an agonizing scream WW colapses to the floor and is once again ko-ed. "I'll get you for wrecking my lovely machine, you wunderbitch". Next scene we see a WW in a strict bondage situation (like Alicia Stone 15/12/09, Micah Moor 8/12/09 or Phoenix Marie 3/12/09) and the thug commenting on how he'll end WW this time. (think about that and fill in the end).

Device Bondage
Aug 18, 2009

Wow, more than a great shoot. Nice theme, absolutely new to see an athlete, former bodybuilder, in bondage. Wonderfull. Ever thinking of another shoot with the lovely Lynn dressed as Wonderwoman? I think she would fit the amazon role perfectly. Being the dominant person most of the times she will fit the medling and righteous superheroine part easilly and her liking to be dominated and made to orgasm makes all the better. With you tying her up so her strength works against her would make the fantasy very realistic. And the way she's fighting the orgasms and the helplesness will certainly make it a hit. Indeed amazing! Yeah, oil would look great on her!

Jun 8, 2009

Great for sure, it's more an understatement. I definitely dig Christina in this genre the most. Fantastic role play, superb body, killing smile. Lovely how she fights this predicament. Without the gag, she would have given the villain some nasty comments, I'm sure, and some big screams too. I liked the story and fabulous rigging. Too bad the wooden floor is noisy, although the set-up ads up to the suspence. Liked it very much. I wouldn't mind buying more of these. Thanks for a dream come true.

Device Bondage