Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 26, 2010

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Apr 27, 2010

This is a position that could use a real dick and a ball gag.

Device Bondage
Mar 12, 2010

Role reversal didn't turn me on. She's supposed to be a sub that doesn't like the treatment but complies because she's required by her master. Great looking broad though.

Sex And Submission
Dec 12, 2009

I'm a leg man and I mean all of them so I agree with bultra8 on the socks but everything else I agree with marque93. Whatever your doing (flogging, caning, whipping, pulling etc.) make each last longer. And yes, the orgasms are too fast and appear fake. They should need to work for them. Pull back the vibrator just before they're off to make it more believable and more fun to watch. I say again, the wrist restraints are ineffective. Subs have to work hard to keep from pulling their wrists free by bending them over the tube.

Device Bondage
Nov 13, 2009

You covered all the bases including annul. Two on one is deliciously unfair and stimulating. Two guys preferred. Should have removed stockings for the oral. Licking toes is great but not stockings, yuck!!!

Sex And Submission
Nov 11, 2009

Simple and nice but missing rist restaints.

Device Bondage
Nov 3, 2009

Ashley is a "10". Her first shoot was a "10". The poor rist restraints was so evident that it became a major distraction. Ashley had to work hard to keep her rists in place and had to bend her hands over the bars to keep them from falling out. Bondage is not supposed to require the participation of the sub. They are supposed to be helpless and vulnerable. Fixing the problem is simple. You could tie thick rope around the rist so they won't fit between the bars or split handcuffs and use them to truely restrain as the name of your site implies. To me this is your primary mission and most shoots fail in that fantasy.

Device Bondage
Sep 25, 2009

There was a couch session and blowjob in the pictures that we missed in all the videos. Marie is a very beautiful girl. need some harder stuff next time. The hot waxing quality lately and what it reveals is outstanding. I reviewed some older shoots and stuble was the norm. You're finding women that are incredible down there and that just sets the stage for everything else. Clean and smooth is truly enjoyable.

Sex And Submission
Sep 20, 2009

Have to agree with redrag7. Boring like a blow up doll.

Sex And Submission
Sep 19, 2009

Between Ashley & Ally I'm not sure who has the finest body and looks. The close-ups reveal perfection in the hot wax department and rate a ten in my book. Both scenes were a little too soft for me. I'm sure they could take a smidgen more of the wip. It's such a tease. I'd like to see better hand restraints that they couldn't slip out of. Fantasy only goes so far. The points of interest were mighty fine.

Device Bondage
Jun 10, 2009

It was better than GREAT. The only complaints were TOO SHORT and her pubic area should have been hot waxed. She's a perfect sub with a perfect body top to bottom.

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