Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 6, 2014

I loved the positions especially the pillory. Two beautiful people.

Dungeon Sex
Jun 13, 2014

Really, Really Beautiful Body. Not much emotion or feeling especially when Orlando is caressing her between her nether lips and when he had the vibrator on her clit.. She sure is ticklish almost in tears. The spread position was a "10"

Device Bondage
May 29, 2014

Casey Is a 10. Always Great. Thanx for all the pictures. I don't know what changed at year end but this used to be normal, now it's the exception and that's not good. Only thing better is Casey with Lyla Storm as you've done before. The bed scene was awesome as usual. Loved all the Anal!!!!!!!!

Sex And Submission
May 10, 2014

DITTO on the condoms and more pictures.

Sex And Submission
May 2, 2014

I note a lot of bush lately. paulp3 why would you cover anything on this gorgeous body?

Apr 18, 2014

Some weeks I'm disappointed but not this week. Sky is pure blue diamond. Bent backwards is pure joy. Sitting on a dildo while strapped to a vertical post was really awesome. I love the incredible creativity of this site.

Device Bondage
Apr 6, 2014

This I have to say is one of the best Bondage Devices combinations ever with the perfect model. The nipple stretchers and clams put it over the top but the steel belt and anal hook oh WOW. Thanx Guys and Gals. Really nice job. I just noticed I can rate the shoot again. Thank you. I'd love to know why you stopped. Because I stopped commenting at the same time.

Device Bondage
Mar 25, 2014

Unrestrained and beautiful. Need at least one anal scene. Less vibrators, wait to the last scene. Also not a fan of spitting.

Public Disgrace
Mar 22, 2014

She's a keeper. Liked the downed dildo.

The Training Of O
Mar 3, 2014

Flawless, hairless smooth skin body was/is awesome. Helpless positions were perfect for a beginner who now can't get enough bondage for real. Even Alina didn't know she could have multiple orgasms ON & ON. Every woman wishes she could experience the same and not fake it.

Device Bondage
Feb 22, 2014

Beautiful Sub with a perfect hairless body. Perched was my favorite. How do I find this site? It's not listed at the bottom of the page.

Bizarre Video
Jan 10, 2014

I wish Mickey would stop JERKING the Traineessss heads around. He needs to train with minor physical involvement, lots of punishment were needed and lots of verbal instruction. Most of his head jerking is not helpful and after so many shoots where his head control is unwelcome and distracting I just had to say something.

The Training Of O
Jan 3, 2014

Having a problem with Amanda pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The Training Of O
Dec 21, 2013

This is a threesome that can't be beat. Even though we just had this cast perform, I for one can't get enough as they are my favorite Dom and Subs. James also always delivers with his "patented dick" that seems always to be ready for action, we all wish we had that package to deliver as he does. GREAT SHOOT!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!!1

Sex And Submission
Dec 13, 2013

Cherie is a very beautiful women, with that we all can agree. Nice to see awsome pussy eating and coming on if not in. Cherie has a special body and I would have loved some anal of course.