Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Sep 20, 2006

Matt, Matt, Matt! You are the best, the worst, the most and cruelest! As my sweet little Irish mother used to say, "Holy Mary, Mother of God!" This is one scene where I really want to comment on the Dom. Matt, your application of the vibrator when Lacie is suspended is really one of the most "Dom" behaviors you've given us. I LOVE it when Lacie pleads, then begs, then screams, "OK! OK! OK!" "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! OK! OK! OK! OK!" And you remove the vibrator... then reapply it, juuuuuust letting it kiss her pussy. I can almost hear you saying, "No, no, no, dear girl. Not when YOU've had enough. It's when I'VE had enough! THAT'S when I stop" And the forced orgasms in the next scene are simply shattering. I watched this scene with my sister submissive. She had to turn her head away several times. You'd have been so proud, Matt! It's so erotic to see Lacie's transition as well. She comes in... the very sweet California girl next door. She's game for anything, she thinks... Her body, her skin and her hair all make for a really delightful package. Incidentally, she has something, a certain physical characteristic, that is so exciting. Maybe you'll want to remember it for future reference. Lacie's teeth are ssssooo white and perfect. When that whiteness is set out next to the red of the ball gag, the color contrast is very striking. Also, when we see the drool, the white of her saliva next to the red; then the flow of the drool, which means loss of control;this is very erotic indeed. THEN, when you tell her to look into the camera, Matt, and she does at PRECISELY the same moment she screams, we see the saliva gather at the corners of her mouth. The aesthetics of this are beautiful. When she is cumming and cumming and cumming, I love the way we can see her juuuuuuuuust quiver a bit. And the screaming! Lacie, Lacie that voice! You have a break mid-range that makes your scream sound as they used to say, like bloody murder. It is an extremely erotic sound and the fact that even with the gag we can hear you begging for it to stop, makes it truly delicious. Your tears... the tears you cry, begging for an end to it make my own little submissive's heart shed a tear. Wow! I have to comment again on the face-fucking scene you make her do with Sasha. Hearing her beg, "OK! OK! OK! OK!" Yes! This make me squirm. Great work! BTW who is frenchgus! "It's sweet to watch Lacie cry by vibrator but it's a little boring at the end." So... hearing women scream for mercy from the tortures of a vibrator is boring. I don't know what to say. I'm too much a gentleman.

Sep 18, 2006

One of the things that I enjoy about this site is that there are those who are players- and there is not one thing wrong with that, mind you- and then there are those who, like tiedtight, are more committed to this means of expression as a way of life. It's a "trip" (isn't that the colloquial expression?) to read the reactions from various members when they see mummification. It's obvious they've never witnessed it before. I like the manner in which the dear girl accepts her fate. This is nicely done for a basic effort. Thank you..

Aug 6, 2006

Hi Bobbi and Matt, A friend suggested that I join 'Hogtied.' After I did, she told me to go right to this shooting. I can see why she did and I am so glad that she did. Bobbi, I don't know whether or not you are actually a submissive. My friend who encouraged me to join is. I am a Switch. Your 'performance' (and I'm reluctant to call it that) made me literally squirm, and I don't squirm easily. I am in a full time relationship or, as the saying goes, a 24/7 relationship. Bobbi, you have such an obvious, radiant sweetness of heart, and your femininity really borders on the girlish. This makes your submission so beautiful and deeply touching. When Sandra (my friend) and I watched it, we both had tears in our eyes. Your absolute mission to please Matt was really dramatic. Both Sandra and me have been in that position before, and we know how important it is to bring satisfaction to the Dominant. When I said I squirmed, I did so from the POV both of the one serving and the one being serviced. I'm not typically one for putting myself in the picture; that is, fantasizing what it would be like if I was... whatever. I don't have to fantasize since I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the kind of sex that I am oriented toward. But when I was watching you give oral service to Matt, I said aloud, "Jesus! Mary and Joseph! You are SUCH a good girl!" And Matt, I hope I won't offend you by saying this, but you made me tremble a little. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I don't usually watch adult entertainment on the Net. I get all of it that I want in real life. But you also touched me. You made me catch my breath very sharply a couple of times. When you walked from one place to the next, forcing Bobbi to follow you... mmmmmmmmmmm... yes indeed! You're a very good Dom. I liked it, too, when you whispered under your breath your obvious satisfaction. As to the technical production, when the lights were turned out, both Sandra and I shouted out loud. The whole effect of the slave in the shadows was ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo hot! Please consider doing that again. I am glad this was my maiden voyage into 'Hogtied.' Thank you so much for your hard work. Bobbi, you're an absolute angel and I pray that you will have every success. May the Great Spirit hold you gently.

Aug 4, 2006

You know, whenever I read a comment like the ones above, "Real tits are better" and that sort of thing, I think of this. Any man who would say this sort of picauyune thing is the kind of man who, while he is sitting in his Lazy-Boy recliner, getting the blow job of his life from Cindy Crawford, and she's taking him to altitudes of ecstasy he's never even DREAMED of, he stops her; turns her head to one side and says, "HEY! What about that mole there?! I don't like that mole very much!" Ms. Manson, you are, quite simply over-the-top. And you respond beautifully and have the most exquiaite feminine essence. Don't listen to these whining little boys. Thank you very much.