Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 12, 2009

Don't know what the problem might have been, but this shoot was just plain uninteresting. She's a good looking girl, I think. She has beautiful legs, but the rest is unknown. No full front nudity, no exploration of finger reaction to either clit or anal stimullation. Really, 14 minutes of a girl lying semi-prone on a table attempting to retain an enema with a hitachi wand on her clit is pretty ho-hum. Give her another chance with a different camera man and different positioning and more human interface with the scene director. Grade: F+

Everything Butt
Dec 3, 2009

Devi, you are a beautiful, sexy woman who is mentally as tough as women come (and you do "come" beautifully). With the power of your expulsion, if you ever decide not to be a most desirable woman, you could become a shiney, beautiful new red fire-truck. I enjoy watching you in your embarrassment and admire your determination to conquer it. I hope to be able to watch you in your quest to eliminate being embarrassed and that it takes you a long, long time to achieve. Thanks for being exactly who you are.

Everything Butt
Sep 29, 2009

You can view this sh*t for $10. per month on lots of sites. Ho-hum and a bottle of rhum...this is not for me, but might be for some.

Everything Butt
Sep 5, 2009

For me, you've discovered the formula for a unique site using enamas as a part of anal play. I like the position of the girl and the length of time as it left me wanting to see more. There is a plethera of anal sites, but this is unique because you talk with the ladies before and after. I have little or no interest in watching objects shoved in someone's ass without reaction between the recipient and the administrator. The position of the girl is perfect. My greatest pleasure is watching the female orgasm and the forced female orgasm. In "Hog Tied" you finger fuck the girls auditioning while they are standing...why not here also? As a matter of passing interest, why not start a new site of amateurs, first timers of all sites...low cost as they have already been produced and it may appeal to other wierdos like me. The time of each shoot would be 30 minutes or less. The girls would be newbees or new to the particular activity. Sites already on line are, at least, Everything Butt, Hog Tied, and Fucking Machines. It would emphasize humility, exhibition, female organisms, submission, light bondage, and a rapport between the giver and receiver. Just a thought for you to start something new and novel.

Everything Butt
Jul 18, 2009

Outstanding camera work! I imagine that the "Elyse body" was the incentive. Shots of this oiled body reflecting light when arched back and standing with her pussy being plundered should cause Peter H.'s early retirement. Abdominal ripples during the cum were phenominal.

Fucking Machines
Jul 15, 2009

Well, that's it with you guys...my eyes are permanently crossed. They didn't know where to go when you stacked the girls for a virtually simultaneous cum. Alyssa's legs should qualify for enshrinement somewwhere...immediately after her booty is awarded "best ass in the class".

Fucking Machines
Jul 14, 2009

My cursor keeps leading me back to Nerine. I most like to watch women cum...to view the belly when it ripples...to see the pussy in full view with legs extended...and then to watch the pelvis jerk violently when orgasm is achieved and the pussy thrashes violently up and down, in and out...Nerine looks you straight in the eyes as the scene evolves...what a turn on, I'm in love.

Jul 13, 2009

A nice sensual little bod together with a good personality is hard to top...but I'd like to try! She'd be great in "O" training videos.

Fucking Machines
Jul 5, 2009

A lush, young body with an outstanding puffy pussy. Reaction to the vibrator reallly got to me and I consider her pevlic spasms among the best on this site including Chanta Rose/Cowgirl and Chanta Rose/Lena Ramon scenes. Her statement about a desire to top men was volunteered with passion and would be interesting under close supervision. I would not volunteer to be the bottom male. She would be interesting as a participant in a wrestling scene and would be both a great top and bottom, particularly if she topped a girl whe had previously bottomed. I'd like to see more of her.