Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 26, 2007

What I could see... WOW!... The streams seem to be pixelated and very slow for delivery. Could be that every kid and their sibling is also online during Christmas Break! Keep the ladies in Stockings and/or pantyhose if possible! Love your stuff! Need any video editors?

Fucking Machines
Nov 4, 2007

Tomcat: Can you get these beautiful ladies to wear some stockings, or panthose (crothless)? I really like this one, smaller chicks with big dicks.

Fucking Machines
May 26, 2007

S02, doesn't let me jump forward once it's fully loaded in WMP-11 Otherwise.. F"ing HOT!

Fucking Machines
May 27, 2001

Great clips.. my only concern is your editing of them together. You see the camera view in front of the girl, head up, cuts to rear view (great penetration shots btw) but head down and back in different position. You need to be consistent on the edits and show time changes with different cuts/fades.

Fucking Machines
Apr 24, 2001

I would LOVE to see them in Pantyhose (crothless), stocking, etc. Nylon encased legs with dildos and getting fucked silly! OH MY. And thanks for getting the speed up on DL's

Fucking Machines
Mar 25, 2001

The transfer rates BLOW CHUNKS... less than 1-2k on a cable modem.. what the f'k is up with that. You have HOT looking women her and I can't see shit. And Why the Real Video? Why not MPG where we can save them, or at least allow them to be saved on Real.

Fucking Machines