Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 3, 2008

Nice close ups – seems like the videographer has been reading the forum. Then it is always nice to hear the model say that she is cummed out completely.

Fucking Machines
Dec 26, 2007

Tomcat, this is so incredibly hot! Yes, I loved the bondage scenes and both these women are so sexy. I loved seeing Sarah squirting while suspended spread eagle in the air. That was just incredibly hot. Also loved watching Sandra licking Sarah’s erect nipple. And I loved the orgasm denial scenes. This is just an awesome shoot with two awesome models and I loved every minute of it.

Fucking Machines
Dec 20, 2007

Yes, she has a nice hard bod. Awesome! I just love those thigh shaking orgasms! She is hot! Maria is a lot of fun to watch. That was also an interesting remark she made about “comboed” orgasms, i.e. she is multi orgasmic. That is so cool. The outdoor scene in the warm California sun was hot too even if the light is very contrasty. Definitely an amazing shoot.

Fucking Machines
Dec 13, 2007

The Titan is a breakthrough in technology! What an awesome piece of machinery. Considering that the first fucking machines date back to the eighteen hundreds when they were used to treat women who suffered from hysteria (no kidding), we have come a long way.

Fucking Machines