Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 4, 2015

First to post! bonus... JP & Serena have a very special erotic vibe in this update! Loved the spread look of the first scene, tho the heels were a bust. The suspension was both artistic & brutal- nice work JP! Nice work enduring it all, Serena! Loved the barefoot closeups and the toe ties in the final scenes, the wax, the forced O's and the whole Serena Blair experience!

Oct 26, 2015

JP & Serena continue to show the rest of the industry how it's done. Glad to see the barefoot hottie in chains!

Device Bondage
Oct 12, 2014

I dug the back & forth for sure and the way Serena pressed on when lesser wrestlers might have quit. It's also cool that US finally got with the program about allowing barefoot wrestling ;)

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 10, 2014

Oh hell yeah! The clip was epic - a JP tormenting & Serena suffering tour de force! Really dug the bare feet flogging, JP! And very sweet toe-tie in the third scene. Your crew was right...she does have a perfect ass! Serena just gets better with every shoot IMO! Please bring her back again sooooooon!

Sadistic Rope
Jul 9, 2014

I've always wanted to see Serena suspended upside-down spread-eagle, and mercy! does she look amazing! Nice work JP & Serena! Naturally I dig how you kept Serena barefoot throughout ;) The pics look delicious, can't wait to download and view the clip! Keep up the excellent work, and let's see Serena back again and again in her sexy bare feet!

Sadistic Rope
Dec 27, 2013

While I am extremely proud of Serena for enduring such a brutal shoot, I have to admit it was difficult to watch. I rate this shoot "Great!" not for kink, not for DB and certainly not for Orlando, but entirely due to the incredible drive and spirit Serena has demonstrated since becoming a bdsm model! I've followed her for over 2 years and watched her ramp up her endurance for pain to take whatever the directors dish out! She showed just how tough she really is in these scenes...and, as a reminder, she is one of the smallest models in porn! Who loves ya, sweet feet? :)

Device Bondage
Oct 25, 2013

Easily one of the best shoots ever on this site. I saw the Live event and appreciated the trust between Serena & JP that allowed her to push herself. I've been following Serena for over two years and have never seen her endure such severe sexual punishment but yet seem thrilled for more! Serena just continues to amaze me :)

Sadistic Rope
May 19, 2013

Now that the mutual flowery congratulations have been expressed to both wrestlers & Ariel, it seems timely to finally address the elephant in the room. Audrey is a great wrestler. She is NOT a featherweight. It appears perhaps that someone felt Serena would dominate the division, and thus a wrestler from a higher weight class would be needed to eliminate her? Is US "competitive wrestling" or "sexual entertainment"? It seems the trend is to the latter. Still Serena took on the "BIGGEST featherweight in the tournament" who "just wanted to beat up on little girls" and nearly defeated her! Best of everything to Audrey in her retirement. Best of everything to Serena in her upcoming matches and pursuit of the belt! Ride on, Jockey, ride on :)

Ultimate Surrender
May 10, 2013

I can watch Serena wrestle all day, especially when she's dominating a bigger opponent, making her cum repeatedly, mounting 1000+ points on her, submitting her and doing so while remaining mentally calm and in control. Serena knows I love her sexy little feet, so I'm grateful she had a chance to put them to good use in RD4 ;) Nikki was tricky for sure, using a rather unique strategy once Serena mounted her. I've never seen a US fighter do that! Good for you! Great work to all, especially the Jockey for cropping another loser.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 17, 2013

Round IV was f-ing outstanding! It's always a rush watching Serena out-wrestle an opponent with Beretta's experience, skills and size! This season is gonna rock!...especially when Serena tags up with team captain Dragon against team Nightmare! Oh fuck yeah!

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 27, 2012

I had no idea how many US fans Serena had til her unscheduled absence from the 3-23-2012 tag team match. All her wrestling followers can find her fan club in the Kink Live forum http://forum.kink.com/message/148960#148960 My congrats to Audrey for her victory in this match, but I don't see you upsetting the Jockey again any time soon ;)

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Jan 7, 2012

After watching all 4 rounds I'm even more amazed. 3 orgasms, Shae? I've never seen that before! Serena was sensational and a far more efficient grappler than her previous matches (no wasted movement)! She also knows her own strength and doesn't inadvertently injure her opponents! I can't help thinking how epic this match would have been had both girls been allowed to fight barefoot (still miss the US of days passed). Isis did a fantastic job as ref, though I think we got it the first time that this was Serena's first solo victory ;)

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 5, 2012

Just as I predicted, Serena has begun to reach her potential as a wrestler. First she fought 2 girls at the same time in her tag team match and kicked their asses, and then she dominated Shae! Serena is an amazing competitor! And, she is soooooo HOT ;)

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 16, 2011

It is interesting to watch how this match progresses, from Serena taking on Team Yellow AND the crowd throughout the first 2 rounds to winning over the crowd & defeating her opponents single-handedly! A very sweet victory!

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 2, 2011

Let's face it...Serena rules the world. Nuff said.

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