Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by Wormer

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Nov 15, 2013

Damn, she has a great body.

Nov 7, 2013

How tiny is this girl?

Hardcore Gangbang
Oct 7, 2013

The orgasm at 20:30 was a sight to behold.

Device Bondage
Aug 15, 2013

Bring her back. I know she's been retired for a few years, but bring her back.

Aug 5, 2012

Well, they're retired. Surely, though, the massive talent search that is kink.com can find another set of twins. ;)

Fucking Machines
Jan 4, 2012

Sasha would be fantastic in one of the Hogtied/Device Bondage forced orgasm scenes like they did with Alicia Stone back in January 2010: http://www.devicebondage.com/site/clips_flash.jsp?shootId=7837

Bound Gang Bangs
Oct 1, 2011

Rain might want to get that partial complex seizure checked out.

Jun 9, 2011

Great body. Too bad she is an epic moron.

Fucking Machines
Apr 17, 2011

It doesn't help that Juliette looks insanely much like the woman I once pursued and a woman of my fantasies. At least in my quarter, Juliette has my continued vote.

Device Bondage
Nov 6, 2010

This chick looks like Magda Apanowicz from Caprica.

Device Bondage
Jul 3, 2010

Everythibg in this passes the test: I ask the model: Was any of this NOT real?

Device Bondage
Jun 22, 2010

Bring this one back for a DB shoot or something!

Fucking Machines
Jun 21, 2010

I have to agree with bzjnPQ. Every time that I hear it -- and I've commented in some of the live shows -- I just want to pull an MC Hawking (wikipedia it), and be like, "Ah yeah! Are you ready for me to lay some serious science all over your ass? Check it!" ;)

Device Bondage
Jun 19, 2010

Not the best shoot in the world, but I'd still pay $10k+ to spend a weekend with Aurora. :)

Public Disgrace
Jun 16, 2010

This is one of the best scenes on all of Kink. The overall point is that you guys aren't screwing with us 95% of the time. Now, after watching Ashley's reactions, I might have to try some of this on my girlfriend.

Wired Pussy