Whipped Ass presents - Gold Star Lesbian - Super Milf Reprogrammed! - gia dimarco & shay fox
Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Forced Orgasms


Oct 21, 1998 - Performers:

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Paige gets the hard bondage treatment. Paige gets the hard bondage treatment. Paige gets the hard bondage treatment.
Paige gets the hard bondage treatment. Paige gets the hard bondage treatment. Paige gets the hard bondage treatment.

Paige gets the hard bondage treatment.

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Apr 3, 2001

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I Love Paige!



Apr 3, 2001

I would love to run my fingers through her hair and kiss those luscious lips of hers while she's helplessly tied up.



Feb 22, 2002

Original? Okay, you guys need tighter copyright control, I've seen these photos everywhere!



Mar 25, 2002

OK looking dame



Oct 17, 2002

Classic look, very good



Jan 1, 2004

She's mature, but doing well. Nice long hair and nice round butt.



Jan 6, 2004

Paige is one of your best models, what a body, what a performance, what a hot date. So sad that the pictures and sound is so bad. Hope to see Paige in another and better tecnically recorded session. And, please turn off your tv Peter.



Jul 3, 2004

i would love to suck on her sore corns & calluses-i even saw one inside her 4th toe then make her stand on a bed of nails while i make love to her



Oct 3, 2004

Great bondage , with legs spread and wide open cunt, this one's a keeper



Mar 4, 2005

Iwould suck you toes for hours tie you and please you disires.



Jan 29, 2006

fine pics



Mar 18, 2006

Well I think she's damn right gorgeous. The things you could do to her helpless little body whilst all those suppl leather retraints encase her wrists and ankles. Awesome. A little electro torture would be awesome though.



Aug 3, 2006

Looks one hell of a lot like a old flame of mine. Brings back good times.



Aug 21, 2006

this was one of the worst videos I have yet to see. I am sorry to say it is far below the standards I have become used to seeing.



Aug 22, 2006

Give me a break! It was the second Hogtied shoot EVER! There was no standard yet. It is good to see how far we have come, but don't rip on history :)



Sep 14, 2006

Great... Some pictures showing a sexy wearing supenders and black stokings while she is bondage: I am convinced that black lingerie associated with some gags is a fantasm quite usual but still so exciting...



Dec 4, 2006

It's good to finally discover where these shots came from, see them all in one place and in full quality and know I'm getting them from the source.



May 21, 2007

Actually when you consider that it was a one man operation when Peter started it, I think he did an amazing job. People should think of all the work he had to do to get these video clips and the still p;ictures. You can see he was running around all over the studio trying to keep the video camera going, keep the lighting right, and take all the still shots as well. So I say good work, Peter.



Nov 23, 2007

You´ve come a long way, don´t you! Great scenes and video in the quality of the time!



Aug 16, 2009

The stills of page gagged are some of the best bondage shots ever and I love her soles


Great! (5)

Feb 22, 2011

video was out of focus


Good (4)

May 5, 2011

wow, she has a little something


Good (4)